Use in Multiplayer

This weapon is quite good for some players.The ammo is priced 1 star.36 rounds.This weapon shoots explosive stakes ,It impales your enemy and explode.It is quite good in multiplayer .When a player is go itching in the walls,you can just shoot the wall as the stakes are explosive.Your enemy in multiplayer will die. But a down side is that the stakes explode only a few feet. Which can sometimes be outmatched by a Flak Cannon.

When you buy this weapon,the range is only 4.But the fire rate is a bit slow.This weapon is also used by the exorcist.His one is also not fully upgraded .There is one mission called fight the demon.This weapon requires To DO The Mission.Or you are not able to do the mission.

Beginners should buy coins for the witch Impaler.This weapon is good for beginners who are halfway finishing the storyline.
Witch impaler