El Matadero This map was released in the first multiplayer update.It is a copy of Fort Malanoche from single player.The red team base looks exactly like Fort Malanoche. There are 2 team base.Red and blue.Both team base have sniping decks.But the blue sniping deck is even safer to hide behind.

Bloodwine Bloodwine is a multiplayer map that was released in version 1.0.7.It is a copy of the saloon and lottery from Socorro Town in single player.It is the smallest map in the game and a suitable place for beginners to battle in.There is volcano lava under bloodwine.There are a lot of barrel and crates to hide behind.

Canyon Canyon is a map that was released in version 1.0.9.The canyon looks exactly piket he ini in single player where you hunt down the barman.Everything looks exactly the same.Both team flags are on bridges.There Is a town named Prosperidad.And a few buildings from Socorro Town.

Necropolis Necropolis is a map released in version 1.9.1.It is the place where you defeat your wife in the storyline.Only the map is even bigger in multiplayer.In the middle of the map,there is a giant wall and some blue and red glowing diamonds.