Defiler is a weapon released in the update of version 1.0.7. It shoots purple explosive cursed balls that home onto the enemy. This weapon is simply a Crucificator that shoots purple cursed balls. This weapon is lighter than the Crucificator and reloads faster.In multiplayer,this weapon is useful to defeat high health hackers.
Defiler in shop

Defiler in shop

  • Cost: 450 stars (108 as of 2.1.0)
  • Price of ammo:300 coins
  • Range:6


  • Reloads pretty fast,really good.
  • The cursed balls will follow your enemy,and will explode when it hits your enemy.
  • This weapon is similar to the Swarm Gun,Demon Thrower and Hand Of Kisin.
  • Cursed balls explode and disappear just like the Hand Of Kisin and Swarm Gun.
Defiler ammo

Defiler ammo