Welcome to the Six guns multiplayer WikiEdit

Welcome to the Six Guns Multiplayer Wiki where everything about Six Guns is situated. If you want to report bad behavior or want to know something ask a user, or a staff member. And most importantly Have a great time editing!

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Anyone is allowed to create a page. If you are new on this wiki,welcome and happy creating a page.If you want to know all rules of the wiki,please visit the wiki content to know the rules.Thank you!And also, if you want to edit a page and put some informations,please do not delete anything in the page.Just add photos and informations.

This wiki is all about six guns multiplayer mode. All you want to know about Six Guns multiplayer is all in this wiki. Message a staff member if you need help.

Wiki RulesEdit

1.Do not simply edit someone's profile.If you get caught,You will be let off with a warning.But the second time,you will be blocked for a couple of days.

2.If you put giberrish in any pages,you will be reported to any admins or( Danieldali,the leader of this wiki ).

3.Do not use vulgar language againts members of the wiki.You can use them,but not to much.And please censore them.

4.Our members are aware if anyone spams,put giberrish in pages or anything else.We have members who take shifts.It means the members are from around the world and we take shifts to guard the wiki.

5.Do not simply write nonsense by creating a page.

6.If anyone has a reason why a page should be moved or deleted,have a discussion with pan admin.

7. Do not insult anyone on this wiki. If you do, you will be blocked for a week or so.

8. Do not simply put random gibberish comments on pages or blogs (i.e shdsbvsdjkvbdshvbdsjcvhdjsvcaxhbydhsvhy) Any gibberish like that will get you blocked from this wiki for a month.

9. If you get caught doing spam, don't try to hide it. We know if it's your IP address/Username.

Latest activityEdit

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